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Matchmaking Evolved

Yerrn™ is an evolutionary, next-level matchmaking service with principles focused on authenticity, chemistry, compatibility, and synergy. In addition to all of those great things, we create a safe environment and increased opportunity for our clients to become more successful in the world of dating. At Yerrn we have created a strategic process with you in mind. No algorithms or robots. Just human interaction. We believe our clients require a more personal touch in order to understand their unique dating situation – and we just don’t believe that’s the way your future should be handled.

If I was giving someone else the power to make a decision that affected my life I would want that decision to be made by a human. 

A lot of people dread the dating process. That’s where we come in. At Yerrn we understand dating can be a painful process. So, we have one job and that is to make dating fun and facilitate the process of you meeting a compatible partner. We also put you and your new companion in the best position to be successful before and after you meet.

We create more than chemistry. We design your future with a synergistic model that is proven to be effective toward your goal of finding a life-long partner.

Yerrn is matchmaking on steroids. It's revolutionary. 'Take matchmaking to the next level' is our mission. Not just placing two people together, but blending them together to create something new that has never been seen and will last a lifetime. Great individually, but a completely different experience when we create this love synthesis.
Jay Thomas

With an innovative matching and screening process, we eliminate the pains of meeting someone new and remove the fear of the unknown. No more dating sites or apps. Drop the social media singles group and say goodbye to random inboxes from strangers. No more algorithms or robots matching you. At Yerrn we focus on anonymity, authenticity, true compatibility™ and human interaction.

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