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Relationships Etcetera

Relearn Love (and a few other things)

About the blog

Let’s talk about love, dating, and relationships, etc.  Some people call it a blog, I’ve even heard it called the dope you get hooked on. No matter what it’s called, the focus is to shed light on a topic all of us are talking about every day… love, dating, and relationships.

I believe that discussion is necessary to facilitate growth, change and of course evolution. On RE, I deliver years of writing, training, observation education and experience. In addition, sharing personal accounts which make my writing more relatable.

The ultimate goal of Relationships Etcetera is to bridge the gap between two people that desire each other.  Understanding that the key is in communication, complete transparency and commitment to an understood goal. These are the basic principles I convey with each blog. Please make sure you read, comment and share each one.

What Amazes Me

Over the course of time that my blog has been active, I’ve learned so much. If you start from the beginning of my first post and then read the most recent one, you’ll see my evolution as a strategist and writer.  In fact, my readers and followers had a lot to do with those changes.

I’m not one to deal in absolutes, which is why I do not call myself an expert. I’m a strategist and strategy should shift based on the current environment. As my blog has evolved, it did so because the dating landscape changed. It required me to adjust accordingly.

As a result, my blog has received rave reviews and tons of followers. When I first started writing it, I did so for creative purposes. I’m enamored with its success and I’m forever grateful for all my readers, shares and comments. Stay tuned for more things to come such as a new vlog, the reboot of my podcast, and more.

My Journey In Numbers

From the first post to the most recent blog, my writing life has had its ups and downs. From, fast-food runs, writer’s block, sleepless nights, and lack of motivation.

Regardless, every keystroke has been worth it. 

Blogs Written
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Memorable Moments

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