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There are so many stories behind that smile, and [she] is a cross between a flash-frozen ice grill and a beam that would illuminate a large auditorium. Grace and beauty personified. Humility, and perseverance in the face of an insurmountable encumbrance. [She] is still... smiling and laughing in between her tears. Never letting the height of the mountain deter her from reaching the summit. And yet, we all feel frustration…
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Every weekday, my journey takes me down Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. Consequently, I see a lot of professional black women. They are laughing and having conversations while sipping on their Caramel Macchiato. Some look stoic, sad, deep in thought, and others will speak to me with a reticent—wry smile. Nothing needs to be said. All that matters is the 26 or so muscles it takes to gently arch their…
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I was recently asked, "why are you single?" At that moment, I paused, gasped, paused again, side-eyed them, then said... Because of the current social climate, duplicitous behaviors of the opposite sex, certain deficiencies within the dating matrix, global warming, gum on the sole of my sneaker that pisses me off, bad social media posts, that orange sticker they put on my car window that won't come off, insecurities, back…
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Let's talk about the two types of partners we have when dating or in a relationship. Escalators & Elevators Sounds funny right? Well, in less than 10 minutes I guarantee you will leave with your thoughts provoked. After listening to today's podcast, you should also come with a definite idea of which partner you have, and/or which partner you need. Please make sure you listen, follow, and share (in that…
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We always talk about chemistry, but there's this thing called Synergy that is a major requirement in all long-lasting relationship. However, many relationships start and end without any Synergy being exchanged. Find out what synergy is, and why you need it on today's episode. Don't forget to listen, follow and share this podcast (in that order).
I was thinking about one of the most controversial topics ever. Monogamy & Cheating. Why do people do it? I always hear the default answer..."selfish." However, I believe it's more than that. That being said, I'm jumping into this hot water for less than 10 minutes. Please make sure you listen, subscribe and share.
I love talking about my teen years when it comes to dating and relationships. The vintage times back then were so different than they are now.  From, seemingly endless late night — into the early morning phone conversations. To, unconventional dates at the park, ice cream shop or local arcade.  Dating and relationships were so straightforward then. But that was then, and this is now. Comaparitively, 2019 where every single…
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People will say they want [commitment]. But do they really? When I talk to various people I have learned that some really do not understand what that word means.   As an illustration, commitment is the soldier that gets wounded and stays in the fight. Commitment is the athlete that has nagging injuries but still goes out and performs. Commitment is perseverance over adversity and not running when things get…
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Below you will find an excerpt of a piece I wrote for an online dating community called Pursue Dating. I was definitely flattered when the opportunity came about and I was chosen. It took me about a week to figure out what I wanted the topic to be. However, in the end, I decided to target one of the biggest issues I've seen over the years. Please be sure to…
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Dating is such a fickle thing.  One minute you feel like you're on cloud 9 with this new person, and the next, you come crashing down. Oftentimes, words like love, in love, future, marriage, and children are exchanged at different points during the courtship. Coupled with days of convivial exchanges and affections that leave you absolutely spaced out with no connection to reality or the planet Earth. With this in…
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