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Let's talk about the two types of partners we have when dating or in a relationship. Escalators & Elevators Sounds funny right? Well, in less than 10 minutes I guarantee you will leave with your thoughts provoked. After listening to today's podcast, you should also come with a definite idea of which partner you have, and/or which partner you need. Please make sure you listen, follow, and share (in that…
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We always talk about chemistry, but there's this thing called Synergy that is a major requirement in all long-lasting relationship. However, many relationships start and end without any Synergy being exchanged. Find out what synergy is, and why you need it on today's episode. Don't forget to listen, follow and share this podcast (in that order).
I was thinking about one of the most controversial topics ever. Monogamy & Cheating. Why do people do it? I always hear the default answer..."selfish." However, I believe it's more than that. That being said, I'm jumping into this hot water for less than 10 minutes. Please make sure you listen, subscribe and share.
Hey everyone… it was my pleasure to do a podcast with Mary Hodges the founder of “The Grind to Greatness®” where she helps people unlock their true potential and create the life they deserve. Mary also hosts The Grind to Greatness Podcast, a weekly show, that covers topics like personal growth, success, wellness, productivity, and happiness. She enjoys watching others tap into their inner awesome and let it shine! I’ve…
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Last year I started my first podcast on a whim, and it actually went pretty well. The podcast was raw but full of really helpful information for those that are on the go and don't have time to read my blogs. JustLsn™ is the name of the Podcast and it covers anything from courtship vs dating to knowing when to let go of a relationship. There were 6 episodes in…
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Same whimsical, self-made thousandaire that does more than 12 things at once while inhaling large quantities of New York style pizza in a single bite. Same writer, blogger, speaker, strategist with a buoyant, waggish, efficacious, indefatigable, demiurgic personality to tackle all of the oh-so-cool things that come into my view.
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